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Scuba diving liveaboards Blackbeard’s Cruises are Twice the Fun & half the cost of other live aboards

The Exumas have so much more to offer than just diving!

We encourage our passengers to take advantage of all the great topside activities too!

Roaming free on their own secluded isle, the indigenous iguanas of the Bahamas come scuttling out of the brush looking for their favorite treat- grapes! Passengers enjoy their antics while capturing unforgettable photos.

Snorkel the Norman's Cay plane wreck where the infamous drug runner Ledel's plane crashed with its load of drugs. You can hike to the house where gunshot holes riddle the structure!

Explore the caves of Rocky Dundas where stalactites and stalagmites reach for each other. Hike the trail to Boo Boo Hill- famous for its collection of boaters' signs and the magnificent 360 degree view. Feed Bananaquits sugar from the palm of your hand at the Warderick Wells Exumas Park Headquarters. These cute little birds are quick to land on your hand!

Bonfire on the beach with the crew and passengers and enjoy some fish stories and fun in the sand....Explore Camp Driftwood where the beautiful rare Tropic Seabirds nest.

This and so much more is waiting for you in the Exuma Cays!

The diving in the Exuma Cays is incredible and just different enough from the Western Bahamas to feel like you are in a totally different country! The wall of the Exuma sound offers vertical reefs at depth and tongue and groove reefs leading up to the drop off from 30-80 feet! The blue hole is a wonder in itself and the swift drifts will have your adrenaline going and your senses in overdrive! Book your Nassau departure today so you can see for yourself!

Our Nassau departures explore the Exuma Cays of the Land and Sea Park!

Dive these remote uninhabited islands and experience truly pristine diving euphoria! We are the only ones out there so no crowded beat up dive sites.

We've got swift drifts between the cays that are magnificent and fast! Go down on the wall of the Exuma Sound- we've got reefs at all depths that have more fish life, larger schools of fish and great coral too!

We'll offer a thrilling shark dive, with over a dozen reef sharks and giant grouper that home in on the feeding frenzy each week!

Besides all the great stuff you can see while blowing bubbles, there are tons of topside eco adventures indigenous to this area too! Snorkel Shroud Cay thru Camp Driftwood, see the iguanas on Allen's Cay, snorkel the plane that crashed next to the drug king Leder's private estate on Norman's...and so much more!

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