Second Quarter Web Winner Announced 2015!

This year is flying by at the speed of light! it's already July and the second winner of our web drawing is announced! Congratulations to Neal Wiler of Aurora, CO! Neal is the lucky winner of a FREE Blackbeard's Cruise! Not your lucky day- enter to win our 3rd drawing of the year

First Quarter Web Winner Announced

I am sure you have all been waiting with fish bait breath for this...finally! the first quarter web winner of a Blackbeard's Cruise is announced! Congratulations to Denise Knepp of Archie Missouri! Not your lucky day? try again- we'll draw next on July 1st!

Fourth Quarter Web Winner 2014

Finally! We are announcing the winner of the web drawing for a free cruise! Each quarter we draw one lucky name from the pile! Final 2014 quarter winner is John Bali of Aurora, Colorado! Not your lucky day? try again- we'll draw next on March 31st!

Third Quarter Web Winner Announced!

Can you believe we're 3/4 of the year done already! that means we have drawn our third quarter web winner! Congratulations to Gerard Lapierre of Woonsocket, RI! Not your lucky day? Try again, we'll draw one more time for 2014 at the end of the year!

Second Quarter Web Winner Announced 2014

It's that time again- this year is flying by it seems! Another lucky winner has been randomly chosen for the last quarter- one free cruise goes to
Chris Vale of McHenry, IL! Congratulations to you Chris! Enter again for the third quarter drawing which is October 1st!

First Quarter 2014 Web Winner Announced

Every visitor to our website is encouraged to enter to win our quarterly drawing for a free cruise for one on Blackbeard's Cruises! It's valued at $959! The first quarter winner for 2014 is .......drum roll..... Lindsay Wolf of Boulder Colorado! We'll draw again July 1st so enter again!

Boston Sea Rovers Show Winner

The 60th annual Boston Sea Rovers show was a huge success with well over 250 visitors to our booth. Eveyone was invited to enter to win a free Blackbeard's Cruises. The lucky winner is BILL SAVAGE! contact our offices to collect your prize!

Toronto Show Winner Announced 2014

Congratulations to one lucky diver who entered to win at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show- Nathan Hutley! contact our offices to collect your free cruise certificate aboard Blackbeard's!

4th Quarter Web Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Lee Michlig of Decatur, GA! He won our fourth quarter drawing for a free cruise! Not your lucky day? Enter the 2014 first quarter drawing today!

Third Quarter 2013 WINNER!

Can you believe it is already October?! Wow, we've drawn another web winner! congratulations go to Kerry Hill of Weatherford, TX! Not your lucky day- try again~ We'll draw again January 1, 2014! Good luck!

Second Quarter Web Winner Announced!

Hey Blackbeard's Buddies! We've drawn our second quarter web winner finally and would like to congratulate DAN MIKUS of Linwood, NJ! Not your lucky day? Enter for the third quarter drawing now!

First Quarter Web Winner 2013 Announced

Congratulations go to Adam Taylor of Pataskala, OH! Adam is the winner of a free Blackbeard's Cruise. Enter for the next quarterly drawing now!

Fourth Quarter Web Winner 2012

Congratulations to Benjamin Marcus of Indianapolis, IN! He is our fourth quarter web winner for a free Blackbeard's Cruise. Not your lucky day? try again, we draw March 31st for our first 2013 winner!

Third Quarter Winner 2012 Announced!

Each visitor to our website has a chance to win a free cruise on Blackbeard's! We draw one winner quarterly and the latest winner is JARED GATEMAN of Burlington, ON Canada! Not your lucky day- try again- the next drawing will be on January 1st, 2013! Don't wait to get lucky to get wet- plan now for your next Blackbeard's Cruise!

Legends of Diving Fundraiser 2012

From the Desk of Monica Lynn of Portage Quarry:

Thank you again for your support of our Legends of Diving Event held here at Portage Quarry this past weekend. You will not believe this!
The winner is Rich Lauer again! He is excited to actually get to take the cruise this time! :)

Get active in your community! Diving is a great social sport for all ages!

Another Great Cause, Another Great Diver Wins!

From Mac Robertson, Executive Secretary of the Piedmont Diving Rescue Association:

Thank you so much for giving a trip on the “Black Beard Cruise “as a prize in our Treasure Hunt held yesterday at the America Quarry. The winner was Patrick Thrift, a member of the Xtreme Divers. Patrick will be bringing his wife along with him. For your convenience I have attached a picture of Patrick and his wife.

We really do appreciate you support. Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association is a private non-profit organization of Diving Clubs in North Carolina. We now have a membership of over 1300 active members. Please visit us at .

Again thanks for your support.

=== so what is going on in your area? check out the local diving, it's not just a great cause, but a good way to stay social in the sport of SCUBA!
Second Quarter 2012 Winner Announced!

Visitors to our website are invited to enter to win a free cruise for one on Blackbeard's Cruises. We give away one every 3 months! This quarter the lucky winner is Thomas Canby of Bowling Green, OH!

Not your lucky day- enter again for the third quarter! Good Luck!

First Quarter Web Winner Announced for 2012!

Visitors to our website are invited to register to win a free cruise! We give away one every 3 months! Matt Nesbella of Pittsburgh is the first winner of 2012! congratulations! Not your lucky day- try again for our next drawing on July 1st!

Fourth Quarter 2011 Web Winner Announced

Each quarter, thousands of folks register to win a free cruise on Blackbeard's! One lucky diver gets to go for FREE soon! Congratulations to Kathy Cashen of Farmer's Branch, TX! She is our lucky last winner of 2011! Not your lucky day? Enter again, the next drawing is April 1st and we ain't fooling :-)!

Third Quarter Web Winner 2011

Congratulations to JOSH THOMAS! Josh is from Corunna, ON Canada! Not your lucky day- try again!

Cobia Cage Attracts Incredible Sea Life!

The crew has been busy exploring new areas and installing moorings at great dive sites in Eleuthera! One of our favorites is the Cobia Cage which is anchored just near the edge of the wall of the Exuma Sound. Depending on your perspective the Fish Cage looks like either an underwater hot air balloon or, when viewed from the side, a flying saucer. No matter how you view the cage, it is a superb subject by itself or is easily transformed into a striking backdrop for the sponge-laden coral heads surrounding it. The cage is frequently shrouded by schools of Yellowtail Snapper, Horse-Eye Jacks and such with large Black Grouper, Dog Snapper and Hogfish near the bottom. Sharks also make regular appearances including the occasional hammerhead. Spotted Eagle Rays pass by the cage in flying unison. This close to the deep waters of the Exuma Sound, you never know what may appear out of the blue.

2011 Second Quarter Web Winner Announced!

A big shout out to Steve Collins of Little Hocking, Ohio! He heard about us from Sport Diver Magazine- have you read up on diving lately? Steve won a free Blackbeard's Cruise by registering on our website's free drawing! NOt your lucky day? Try again- we draw in 3 months!

Splash Water Sports Winner

Lauren at Splash Water Sports sponsored the Annual Underwater Treasure Hunt for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was a profitable event for the kids with life threatening illnesses. We always enjoy helping to make a wish come true!!

Dale Varga is this years winner of a free Blackbeard Cruise!
Florida Skin Diver's Association Winner

I'm happy to report the winner of the Free Blackbeard's Cruise is Lisa Tatro, from Oldsmar, FL. She took first place trophies in U/W photography and women's spearfishing at the FSDA's Southern Open Tournament. We are happy to sponsor SCUBA Events all over the country!
First Quarter Web Winner for 2011

Visitors to our website can register to win a free cruise which is drawn at the end of each quarter. For the first quarter of 2011, the winner is Ryan Wiersma of Ankeny Iowa! Not your lucky day- try again for our second quarter drawing to take place July 1st!

Toronto 2011 Show Winner!

Lindsey flew up to Toronto to man the booth at the Dive Show and had a blast as usual! Our Canadian dive partners are so much fun to hang out with. She met up with regulars and met a few new ones too- everyone is so excited about diving up there! woo hoo! Well, the winner of the raffle has been drawn and....................
Andrew Vantwest was chosen! Congratulations Andrew...not your lucky day? Don't wait to get lucky to plan your next dive vacation- book it now with the show specials!

Diver's Direct Travel Show Winner!

We love to get out and meet divers at events all over the country! Diver's Direct of Florida hosted it's second annual Travel Show at their Dania facility. Hundreds of divers turned out for great presentations and to gather information to help them plan their next diving adventure!

Blackbeard's Cruises' Miss Barbara was on hand to answer questions and share her enthusiasm for diving! She also raffled off a free cruise to one lucky winner- when the ticket was drawn......drum roll.....Asif Shah was the lucky diver! Not your lucky day? No worries, try again in our quarterly web drawing!
2010 Fourth Quarter Web Winner!

The lucky winner of the final drawing for 2010 is REBECCA SALCEDO of Acworth, GA! Congratulations- not your lucky day- be sure to register for the first drawing of 2011!

2010 Third Quarter Web Winner Announced!

Congratulations to DAVID WILLIE of Tremonton, UT! Please contact our offices to get your certificate for a free Blackbeard's Cruise!

2010 Second Quarter Web Winner Announced

Congratulations CAROLYN STOBER of Talladega AL! Register again for the Third Quarter drawing which will take place October 1st!

A-1 Scuba May Event Winner Announced

Our representative in Colorado, Terri Smith, had a great time chatting and hanging with Colorado divers at the A-1 Scuba May Event! Tons of people came by to fill out their game card and enter to win one of our Blackbeard's Cruises! The lucky winner is TIM DRUMMOND! Not your lucky day, enter our web drawing which takes place every quarter- next drawing: July 1st so hurry! Better yet, don't wait to get lucky to get wet, book your next dive vacation with us now!

2010 Bonne Terre Mine Treasure Hunt Winner

The Bonne Terre Mine sponsors their annual treasure hunt event and Blackbeard's helps support it by donating a free cruise as one of the prizes. This year's winner is Dana Asher! Congratulations Dana!

Long Beach Scuba Show 2010 Winner Announced!

Lindsey Fundine, Our enthusiastic trade show diva just returned from Long Beach California where she got to meet and greet all our California diving buddies! The weather was great, the crowd was a buzzin and the vibe was great! We gave away a free cruise as a booth raffle and the lucky winner of the cruise is
Charleigh Gill of Rancho Palos Verdes! Not your lucky day, enter our online quarterly drawing which is coming up again July 1st, 2010!

Beneath The Sea 2010 Winner

We love our northeastern divers! BTS is always a buzz and busy weekend! We gave away a cruise for one aboard Blackbeard's in the booth this year! Congratulations go to Michael Costales!

Toronto 2010 Show Winner!

Toronto Outdoor Adventure and Scuba show was a blast this year (cold blast but still a blast!)..... the winner of the booth drawing is Ben Parushun! Congratulations- don't wait to get lucky to get wet! Book your dive vacation with us now!

2010 First Quarter Winner

Congratulations to Veronica Bertrand of Boisbriand, Quebec Canada! Veronice heard about us from Beuchat Canada which offers dive gear of great quality! Not your lucky day? Try, try again! We'll draw again on July 1st, 2010!

Weekend Trip June 19-23, 2010

Can't take a whole week off- dive with us on a weekend trip! Saturday noon thru Wednesday 9 get 3 full days of diving in with up to 10 dives in your log book! Just $679 plus fees! Great weather this time of year too so come out and enjoy the Bahamas with us.

Fourth Quarter 2009 Web Winner Announced!

The end of 2009 snuck up on us all so quickly! Visitors to our website are invited to enter to win a quarterly drawing for a free cruise- for the last quarter of 2009, the lucky winner is Tammy Scott of Charlotte, NC! Not your lucky day- try, try again! We'll draw again on April 1st, 2010! Don't wait to get lucky- book your trip now to get wet soon!


Visitors to our website are invited to enter a contest to win a free cruise. The drawing is quarterly! Congratulations to VINCE HAYWARD of Covington, LA! Not your lucky day? enter to win the fourth quarter draw! Don't wait to get lucky to plan your next dive today! See you in the Bahamas!

Spend your holidays in the sunny Bahamas with us!

The Bahamas are beautiful in the winter with gentle breezes and great diving! Book now while airfare is priced right and schedules are open. We provide the holiday feast on board, you get all the gifts of diving and time spent at sea!

Give the gift of diving this year! What a great way to make your special diving buddy happy! give the gift of diving in the form of a gift certificate. It can be in any amount (does not have to be full fare) to be used towards a future trip with us. We'll send you a DVD and certificate to wrap for the lucky diver in your life!

Bonne Terre Treasure Hunt Winner of a Blackbeard's Cruise

Blackbeard's Cruises strongly supports local diving communities and their efforts to keep divers wet and active in our wonderful sport!

Recently, the Bonne Terre Mine hosted an underwater event that was well attended! Divers came from all over to collect poker chips from the mine's floor to be used to bid on prized after! We donated a cruise for one valued at 899.00 to the cause. The lucky winner of the auction is Eric Fitzpatrick of WI!

Eric said" This prize interested me the most and I won it! Very excited about being on a 65' sailboat and diving with Blackbeard's. I came to Missouri from Wisconsin expecting nothing but a wonderful time diving in the Bonne Terre Mine and I am leaving with so much more. The experience was great! I now get to experience even more thanks to Bonne Terre and Blackbeard's Cruises. I am new to diving and this is a great way to start my underwater life."

Have an event that promotes the sport of diving? Let us know if we can help you!

30th Anniversary

Blackbeard's Cruises celebrated it's 30 anniversary June 9. Thirty years ago on June 9, 1979 the Sea Explorer departed with a groups of boy scouts on it's 1st trip headed to the new Florida Keys Sea Base. Bruce Purdy, the founder, was the captain this week. He had a group from Indianapolis, led by Ikelite's Bob "Stubby" Stubbs, onboard to help us celebrate. It was appropriate that it was Stubby's 30th trip with Blackbeard's Cruises. Pictured above is Stubby, Hank Weech of Weech's Dock and Marina in Bimini, Rhonda Stubbs and Bruce. We've been docking at Weech's every week for 30 years now!

2009 Long Beach Scuba Show Winner

Lindsey really enjoyed visiting with everyone at the Scuba Show this year- thanks for stopping by to say hi and learn more about our cruises! We raffled off a free cruise at the show- and the winner is....... MARC PIERRE of Los Angeles! Not your lucky day- register in our quarterly drawing below...
Captain Grayson Miller III

Captain Grayson Miller joined our crew way back in 2002 as a dive instructor. He immediately took to life at sea and has worked his way up the ranks to head honcho out there! Captain Grayson leads the crew of the Morning Star and its passengers on weekly adventures. His prowess as a freediving hunter have fed many happy passengers!

Grayson is best known for his ability to create instant camaraderie among the new passengers. It's always old home week on the Morning Star!

Second Quarter 2008 Winner Announced from Web Drawing

Congratulations to Brent McInnis of Orlando, FL!

Blackbeards Intern Andy Bennett OWU Sholarship Program

Travel and Tourism Internship

Blackbeard's Cruises believes that we must invest in the future of our business by giving back in a hands on way! This is our first foray into the internship program sponsored by Our World Underwater Scholarship Society.

This internship provides the opportunity to gain experience in multiple aspects of a small cruise company’s operations—including market development, customer service, boat operations, and logistics.

Blackbeard's Cruises offers liveaboard scuba diving adventure travel to the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Our 2008 intern Andy Bennett was asked to help us increase the number of Boy Scouts troops that go on our boats. He put sent out a survey to scout leaders asking them what they werer looking for in high adventure trips, went on scout trips to learn what the socuts liked doing and to learn from the leaders what they wanted. He then put together a scout section (below) on our website. Sent out another survey to scout leaders to see what changes they would make.

Andy did a great job of putting everything together and is now back in school at Western Washington University.
2008 First Quarter Web Winner Announced

Each quarter a lucky diver wins a free cruise with us! Congratulations go to KAITLYN REJZER OF WILMINGTON, NC!

Compleat Angler Burns

The Compleat Angler burnt to the ground in January, 2006. Ernest Hemmingway was a regular and the Angler during his stays there. Among the many old pictures on the walls were pictures of Hemmingway with quotes from his books.

Sawfish sighting

On the Morning Star's Oct 21 trip the passengers were treated to diving with a small-toothed sawfish. Diving with these endagered fish is very rare. There has been only 1 sighting recorded out of the 100,000 REEF survey dives. This picture was shot by Rick Kenna of Ft Collins, CO. The fish in front of the sawfish is a cobia.

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