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Scuba Diving News

By Mary Frances Emmons


“Budget cruise” is a phrase with all the appeal of day-old sushi, unless you’re talking about Blackbeard’s Cruises, and then that’s a trip of a different stripe. What you’ll experience might best be called boat camping, in 18 dorm-style bunks that line the boats from bow to midship.


There’s another huge Blackbeard’s difference besides the price, Sea Explorer and Morning Star are sailboats, 55-ton, 65-foot sloops built especially for diving. Although most of the weeklong itineraries are executed under motor, you really do get a chance to get those sails up, and to help the crew with the task if you are of a mind. (Which provides considerable amusement for those divers who elect just to watch.) When the motor stops and the wind takes over it’s an unforgettable feeling, one that puts you as close to the elements as it’s possible to be.


That’s not to say there are no creature comforts on this affordable ride. The air-conditioning blasting through makes it surprisingly comfortable below decks, although few elect to spend much time there when paradise is sliding by topside. And self-service is rarely so sweet as on a Blackbeard’s boat, when divers gather at the end of the day around the permanent beer tap on deck, or when one of the crew begins to mix up the rum punch that flows nightly, all covered by your cruise ticket. You’ll never go hungry, with savory, home-cooked meals like lasagna, pot roast, pork chops in gravy and possibly the best macaroni and cheese of your life.


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Second Quarter Web Winner Announced 2015!
This year is flying by at the speed of light! it’s already July and the second winner of our web drawing is announced! Congratulations to Neal Wiler of Aurora, CO! Neal is the lucky winner of a FREE Blackbeard’s Cruise! Not your lucky day- enter to win our 3rd drawing of the year


First Quarter Web Winner Announced
I am sure you have all been waiting with fish bait breath for this…finally! the first quarter web winner of a Blackbeard’s Cruise is announced! Congratulations to Denise Knepp of Archie Missouri! Not your lucky day? try again- we’ll draw next on July 1st!


Fourth Quarter Web Winner 2014
Finally! We are announcing the winner of the web drawing for a free cruise! Each quarter we draw one lucky name from the pile! Final 2014 quarter winner is John Bali of Aurora, Colorado! Not your lucky day? try again- we’ll draw next on March 31st!


Third Quarter Web Winner Announced!
Can you believe we’re 3/4 of the year done already! that means we have drawn our third quarter web winner! Congratulations to Gerard Lapierre of Woonsocket, RI! Not your lucky day? Try again, we’ll draw one more time for 2014 at the end of the year!


Second Quarter Web Winner Announced 2014
It’s that time again- this year is flying by it seems! Another lucky winner has been randomly chosen for the last quarter- one free cruise goes to
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Boston Sea Rovers Show Winner
The 60th annual Boston Sea Rovers show was a huge success with well over 250 visitors to our booth. Eveyone was invited to enter to win a free Blackbeard’s Cruises. The lucky winner is BILL SAVAGE! contact our offices to collect your prize!


Toronto Show Winner Announced 2014
Congratulations to one lucky diver who entered to win at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show- Nathan Hutley! contact our offices to collect your free cruise certificate aboard Blackbeard’s!